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 (Parks & Reserves of Sierra Nevada)
シエラネバダ山脈 (Sierra Nevada Mountainsシエラ・ネバダ) の山中・山麓 (アメリカ合衆国カリフォルニア州およびネバダ州) に位置する 公園保護区 (Parks/Reserves) [国立公園、National Parks、National Monuments、National Forests、ウィルダネス・エリア (野生保護区)、Wilderness Areas、州立公園、State Parks、State Reserves など] とその周辺の自然を紹介するオリジナル写真集。

Eldorado National Forest
Red Lake from
Highway 88

Stanislaus National Forest
Lake Alpine from Highway 4 Mosquito Lake
from Highway 4
Donnell Lake from Donnell Vista Point off Highway 108

Toiyabe National Forest (Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest)
Leavitt Meadows
Leavitt Falls Vista Sonora Pass and
CA State Route 108 (east)
Sonora Bridge
Campground entrance
Twin Lakes
Recreation Area
Crags Campground

グローバー・ホット・スプリングス州立公園 (Grover Hot Springs State Park)
Grover Hot Springs State Park

Carson-Iceberg Wilderness
Carson Peak (where Carson-
Iceberg Wilderness begins)

Emigrant Wilderness
Night Cap Peak and Emigrant Wilderness
from Sonora Pass Highway

Hoover Wilderness
Crown Point
and Barney Lake
Crown Point
and Peeler Lake
Kettle Peak and Snow Lake
from Rock Island Pass
North Peak and
Greenstone Lake
Noth Peak and
Steelhead Lake
Shepherd Crest
and Cascade Lake

ヨセミテ国立公園 (Yosemite National Park)
Liberty Cap and
Nevada Fall from
John Muir Trail
Half Dome, El Capitan
and North Dome from
Upper Quarter Dome
Clouds Rest, North Dome
and Half Dome
fom Yosemite Point
Cathedral Peak and
Upper Cathedral Lake
Ragged Peak and
Lower Young Lake
Sawtooth Ridge
and Matterhotn Peak

Inyo National Forest
Tioga Peak and Tioga
Pass Rd from Tioga Pass
CA State Route 203
to Mammoth Lakes
Mount Morrison and
Convict Lake Road
Sierra View and
White Mountain Road
Lone Pine Peak from
Lone Pine Campground
Mount Whiteny and
Whiteny Portal Road

Hall Natural Area (Harvey Monroe Hall Research Natural Area)
Hall Natural Area (White Mountain and southeast peak of
Mount Conness) from Sadlebag Lake Road
Mount Dana and
Lee Vining Creek
White Mountain
and Lee Vining Creek
Mt. Conness (southeast peak)
and Lake 10,040+
Mt. Conness (southeast peak)
and Green Treble Lake

Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve
 (Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve)
Mono Lake Tufa State
Natural Reserve entrance
Mono Lake South Tufa

Ansel Adams Wilderness
Mt. Gibbs and Mt. Dana
from Highway 395
Ritter Range from Minaret Vista near Minaret Summit

Owens River Headwaters Wilderness

Devils Postpile National Monument
Devil's Postpile from Devils Postpile Trail Top of
Devil's Postpile
The Buttresses from
Rainbow Falls Trail
Rainbow Falls
(2nd Viewpoint)
Rainbow Falls
(3rd Viewpoint)

Sierra National Forest

John Muir Wilderness
Bear Creek Spire, Mt. Dade,
Mt. Abbot and Ruby Lake
Piute Pass and Piute Lake Mt. Goode and Mt. Johnson
from Lowest Treasure Lake
(Treasure Lakes)
Temple Crag
and First Lake of
Big Pine Lakes
Nameless Pyramid
and Gilbert Lake
Mount Russell and
Upper Boy Scout Lake

Monarch Wilderness
Monarch Wilderness, Middle Fork Kings River
and Kings Canyon from Junction View

キングス・キャニオン国立公園 (Kings Canyon National Park)
General Grant Grove Kings Canyon National
Park entrance and
Highway 180
Grand Sentinel
from Roads End

セコイア国立公園 (Sequoia National Park)
Sequoia National
Park entrance and
Highway 198
Great Western Divide
from Moro Rock summit
Mineral King

Sequoia National Forest
Hume Lake

Giant Sequoia National Monument
Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks
and Giant Sequoia National Monument
from Hume Road
Kings Canyon and Highway
180 from Junction View
Grizzly Falls
Kings Canyon and Highway
180 from Junction View
Kern Canyon from
Mountain Highway 99
Mountain Highway 99
near Johnsondale Bridge

California Bighorn Sheep Zoological Area

マンザナール国定史跡 (Manzanar National Historic Site)
Mount Williamson
from Manzanar National
Historic Site entrance
Manzanar Nat'l Historic
Site Visitor Center
Mount Williamson and
Soul Consoling Tower
(Manzanar Cemetery)

Golden Trout Wilderness
Cottonwood Pass Trailhead (Goldern Trout Trailhead),
Horseshoe Meadow

South Sierra Wilderness
Olancha Pass Trailhead
at Sage Flat

Sacatar Trail Wilderness

Domeland Wilderness
Domeland Wilderness
from Canebrake Road

Chimney Peak Wilderness

Owens Peak Wilderness
Pacific Crest Trail into Owens Peak Wilderness
at Walker Pass

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フォト・ギャラリー 〜 シエラ・ネバダのウィルダネス・エリア
フォト・ギャラリー 〜 イースタン・シエラの公園と保護区
支脈 (Subranges)
山・峰 (Peaks)
High Passes
サミット (Summits)
氷河 (Glaciers)
High Lakes
峡谷 (Canyons)
渓谷・盆地 (Valleys...)
Meadows & Flats
温泉 (Hot Springs)
公園・保護区 (Parks...)
Inyo N.F.
Eldorado N.F.
Calif. Bighorn Sheep
 Zoological Area
Sierra N.F.
Giant Sequoia N.M.
Stanislaus N.F.
Sequoia N.F.
Devils Postpile N.M.
Toiyabe N.F.
Wilderness Areas
トレイル (Trails)
道路 (Roads)
ハイウェイ (Highways)
Scenic Byways
Vista Points
Towns & Villages

Northern Sierra
Southern Sierra

Sequoia & Kings Canyon

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