ITODA.COM フォト・ギャラリー
 (Highways of Sierra Nevada)
Original photo collections of sceneries along Highways (U.S. Routes and State Routes) running in, around and across Sierra Nevada Mountains (California/Nevada, USA).

Highway 80 (Interstate 80)

Highway 50 (U.S. Route 50)

Highway 395 (U.S. Route 395)
Mono Lake and Highway 395
from Mono Lake Vista
near Conway Summit
Mt. Morrison, Laurel Mountain
and Highway 395 (south)
Mammoth Mountain,
Ritter Range and
Highway 395 (north)

Highway 49 (California State Route 49)

Highway 89 (California State Route 89)
Markleeville and
Highway 89 (south)
Highway 4 junction Antelope Valley and
Highway 89 (south) from
near Monitor Pass

Highway 88 (California State Route 88)
Carson Pass and
Highway 88 (east)
Carson Pass and
Highway 88 (west)
Red Lake from
Highway 88

Highway 4 (California State Route 4)
Lake Alpine Ebbetts Pass and
Highway 4 (east)

Highway 108 (California State Route 108)
Sonora Pass and
Highway 108 (east)
Sonora Pass and
Highway 108 (west)
Pacific Crest Peak (Peak 11,245)
and Highway 108 from
above Sonora Pass

Highway 120 (California State Route 120) Eastbound
Groveland and
Highway 120 (east)
Big Oak Flat Entrance,
Yosemite National Park
and Highway 120
Tioga Pass Entrance

Highway 120 (California State Route 120) Westbound
Mt. Dana, Highway 120
and Lee Vining Creek
from Tioga Junction
Mammoth Peak, Tioga
Pass and Highway 120
from Tioga Lake
Tioga Pass Entrance,
Yosemite National Park
and Highway 120

Highway 140 (California State Route 140)
Mariposa and
Highway 140
Highway 140 (east)
and Merced River
Arch Rock Entrance,
Yosemite National Park
and Highway 140

Highway 41 (California State Route 41)
South Entrance,
Yosemite National Park
and Highway 41

Highway 158 (California State Route 158)
June Lake from
Highway 158
Silver Lake and
Highway 158
Grant Lake from
Highway 158

Highway 203 (California State Route 203)
Highway 203
to Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth Mountain
Ski Area
Minaret Summit and
Highway 203

Highway 168 (California State Route 168) Eastbound

Highway 168 (California State Route 168) Westbound
Mount Humphreys and
Highway 168 (west)

Highway 180 (California State Route 180)
Kings Canyon
and Highway 180
South Fork Kings River
from Highway 180
Kings Canyon National
Park entrance
and Highway 180

Highway 198 (California State Route 198)
Ash Mountain Entrance,
Sequoia National Park
and Highway 198

Highway 190 (California State Route 190)

Highway 178 (California State Route 178)
Kern River Canyon and
Highway 178 (east)
Walker Pass National
Historic Landmark
Walker Pass and
Highway 178 (west)

Highway 58 (California State Route 58)

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