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シエラ・ネバダの High Lakes
Original photo collection of sceneries with and around High Lakes (Natural Lakes accessible only by trails and cross-country routes) located in Sierra Nevada Mountains (California/Nevada, USA).

Yosemite National Park (Yosemite Wilderness)
Cathedral Peak
and May Lake
Cathedral Peak and
Upper Cathedral Lake
Cockscomb and Budd Lake
Johnson Peak and
Elizabeth Lake
Mount Dana, Mount Gibbs
and Dog Lake
Ragged Peak and
Lower Young Lake
Ragged Peak and
Upper Young Lake
Cathedral Range and
Gaylor Lakes from
Gaylor Peak summit
Peak 11,887 and
Granite Lakes from
Gaylor Peak summit

Hoover Wilderness
Crown Point
and Barney Lake
Crown Point
and Peeler Lake
Blacksmith Peak (Sawtooth
Ridge) and Snow Lake from
Rock Island Pass Trail

Twenty Lakes Basin (Hoover Wilderness)
Mount Conness, Conness
Glacier and North Peak
from Hummingbird Lake
Mt. Conness and North
Peak from Lake Helen
Conness Glacier, North
Peak and Shamrock Lake
Mt. Conness, North Peak and Greenstone Lake Noth Peak and Steelhead Lake

Mammoth Lakes Basin
Crystal Crag
Crystal Lake
Crystal Crag
and Lake Barrett
Mammoth Crest
and T.J. Lake

Reds Meadow Valley
Sotcher Lake from Sotcher Lake Trail

Ansel Adams Wilderness

Little Lakes Valley (John Muir Wilderness)
Bear Creek Spire
and Mack Lake
Bear Creek Spire
and Marsh Lake
Bear Creek Spire
and Heart Lake

John Muir Wilderness
Bear Creek Spire, Mt. Dade,
Mt. Abbot and Ruby Lake
Piute Pass
and Piute Lake
Mount Goode and Mount
Johnson from Lake 10,668
(Treasure Lakes)
Temple Crag
and First Lake of
Big Pine Lakes
Nameless Pyramid
and Gilbert Lake
Mount Russell and
Upper Boy Scout Lake

Kings Canyon National Park
 (Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness)
Kearsarge Pinnacles
and Kearsarge Lakes
from Kearsarge Pass
支脈 (Subranges)
山・峰 (Peaks)
High Passes
サミット (Summits)
氷河 (Glaciers)
High Lakes
Big Pine Lakes
Cathedral Lakes
Gaylor Lakes
Granite Lakes
Greenstone Lake
Helen, Lake
Piute Lake
Steelhead Lake
Treasure Lakes
Upper Boy Scout
Young Lakes
峡谷 (Canyons)
渓谷・盆地 (Valleys...)
Meadows & Flats
温泉 (Hot Springs)
公園・保護区 (Parks...)
Wilderness Areas
トレイル (Trails)
道路 (Roads)
ハイウェイ (Highways)
Scenic Byways
Vista Points
Towns & Villages

Northern Sierra
Southern Sierra

Sequoia & Kings Canyon

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