ITODA.COM フォト・ギャラリー
 (Canyons & Gorges of Sierra Nevada)
Original photo collection of sceneries in and around Canyons and Gorges (classified as Valleys), located in Sierra Nevada Mountains (California/Nevada, USA).

テナヤ・キャニオン (Tenaya Canyon)
Tenaya Canyon, Clouds Rest and Half Dome
from Glacier Point
Clouds Rest, Half Dome
and Tenaya Canyon
from Olmsted Point

ライエル・キャニオン (Lyell Canyon)
John Muir Trail
(Lyell Canyon Trail)
at Tuolumne Meadows
Mammoth Peak from
Lyell Canyon Trail
Lyell Fork

Grand Canyon of The Tuolumne
Grand Canyon of the
Tuolumne from Peak 8,886
near Glen Aulin

マッターホーン・キャニオン (Matterhorn Canyon)
Matterhorn Canyon
from Burro Pass

ランディー・キャニオン (Lundy Canyon)
Gilcrest Peak, Lundy
Canyon and Lundy Lake
Lundy Canyon and Mill
Creek above Lundy Lake
Lundy Pass Trailhead
in Lundy Canyon

レイク・キャニオン (Lake CanyonLakes Canyon)
Lakes Canyon Trailhead
and Lundy Lake

リー・バイニング・キャニオン (リー・バイニング峡谷、Lee Vining Canyon)
Tioga Peak and
Lee Vining Canyon
from Tioga Pass Road
Peak 11,403 (Dana Crest), Lee Vining Canyon
and Tioga Pass Road

コンビクト・キャニオン (Convict Canyon)
Mount Morrison and
Convict Canyon from
Convict Creek Trailhead
Convict Canyon, Laurel
Mountain and Convict Lake

Rock Creek Canyon

ビショップ・クリーク・キャニオン (Bishop Creek Canyon)

ビッグ・パイン・キャニオン (Big Pine Canyon)

キングス・キャニオン (Kings Canyon)
Kings Canyon
and Highway 180
South Fork
Kings River
from Yucca Point
Grizzly Falls Highway 180 into Kings
Canyon National Park

Kern River Canyon
Kern River Canyon and Highway 178

カーン・キャニオン (Kern Canyon)
North Fork Kern River,
Kern Canyon and
Mountain Highway 99
Johnsondale Bridge Kern Canyon from
Mountain Highway 99
near Johnsondale

渓谷・盆地 (Valleys & Basins) [フォト・ギャラリー]
El Capitan, Half Dome,
Cathedral Rocks, Bridalveil
Fall and Yosemite Valley
from Tunnel View
Wapama Falls and
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
from O'Shaughnessy Dam
Peak 8,886 and
bridge to Glen Aulin
over Tuolumne River
North Peak and
Steelhead Lake from
20 Lakes Basin Trail
Bear Creek Spire and
Little Lakes Valley from
Mono Pass Trail
Onion Valley from
Golden Trout Lakes Trail
支脈 (Subranges)
山・峰 (Peaks)
High Passes
サミット (Summits)
氷河 (Glaciers)
High Lakes
峡谷 (Canyons)
Big Pine Canyon
Bishop Creek Canyon
Kern Canyon
Kings Canyon
Lee Vining Canyon
Lundy Canyon
Lyell Canyon
Rock Creek Canyon
Tenaya Canyon
渓谷・盆地 (Valleys...)
Meadows & Flats
温泉 (Hot Springs)
公園・保護区 (Parks...)
Wilderness Areas
トレイル (Trails)
道路 (Roads)
ハイウェイ (Highways)
Scenic Byways
Vista Points
Towns & Villages

Northern Sierra
Southern Sierra

Sequoia & Kings Canyon

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