ITODA.COM シエラ・ネバダ フォト・ギャラリー
 (Reds Meadow、Red's Meadow)
Original photo collection of sceneries in and around Reds Meadow (Red's Meadow), a meadow (flat) located in the western side of Sierra Nevada Mountains and approached from Eastern Sierra (Madera County, California, USA).

Minaret Summit - Minaret Road (California State Route 203)
Minaret Vista Station and Minaret Summit Road
from Minaret Road (State Route 203)
Minaret Vista Station from
Minaret Summit Road

Minaret Summit Road
Minarets from
Minaret Summit Road
Starkweather Lake Minaret Summit Road
and Devils Postpile Road

Red's Meadow Resort (Reds Meadow Resort)
Red's Meadow Resort
entrance (Minaret
Summit Roadend)
Red's Meadow
Pack Station
Red's Meadow Resort
General Store and Cafe in Red's Meadow Resort

Reds Meadow Campground (Red's Meadow Campground)
Reds Meadow
Campground entrance
off Minaret Summit Road
Reds Meadow Campground

Red's Meadow Bath House (Reds Meadow Hot Springs)
Red's Meadow Bath House in Reds Meadow
Campground - Nice hot spring showers!

Reds Creek

Rainbow Falls Trailhead
Rainbow Falls Trailhead
off Minaret Summit
Road below Red's
Meadow Resort

John Muir Trail & Pacific Crest Trail
Rainbow Falls Trail
crossing Pacific Crest
Trail (John Mur Trail)

Rainbow Falls Trail
The Buttresses from
Rainbow Falls Trail
Rainbow Falls (Devils Postpile
National Monument)

Sotcher Lake Trail (Sotcher Lake Nature Trail)
Sotcher Lake Trailhead
off Minaret Summit Road
above Reds Meadow
Sotcher Lake from
Sotcher Lake Trailhead
Sotcher Lake from
Sotcher Lake Trail

Devils Postpile National Monument
Devils Postpile Road
into National Monument
Devils Postpile Recreation
Site (Trailhead parking)
Devil's Postpile from
Devils Postpile Trail

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