ITODA.COM フォト・ギャラリー
 (Meadows & Flats of Eastern Sierra)
Original photo collection of sceneries with and around Meadows and Flats located in Eastern Sierra, the eastern side of Sierra Nevada Mountains (California, USA).

Leavitt Meadow (Leavitt Meadows)
Leavitt Meadows
Leavitt Meadows Trailhead West Walker River and
Leavitt Meadow from
Leavitt Falls Vista Point

Pickel Meadow
Pickel Meadow Wildlife
Area from Sonora
Pass Highway

Chris Flat
Chris Flat Campground
off Highway 395

Big Sand Flat
Mono Lake from Highway
120 near Big Sand Flat
(Mono Basin National
Scenic Area)

Smokey Bear Flat
Smokey Bear Flat
from Highway 395

Mosquito Flat
Mosquito Flat
(Rock Creek Roadend)
Mosquito Flat
Backpacker Campground
and Rock Creek
Little Lakes Valley Trailhead
(Mono Pass Trailhead)

Bishop Park
Bishop Park Group
Campground entrance
off Highway 168
Bishop Park
Campground entrance
from Highway 168
Bishop Park Campground

Sage Flat
Sage Flat Campground
entrance and Glacier
Lodge Road
Upper Sage Flat
Campground entrance
from Glacier Lodge Road

Sam Mack Meadow

Grays Meadow
Lower Grays Meadow
Campground entrance
from Onion Valley Road
Upper Grays Meadow
Campground entrance
from Onion Valley Road
Inyo Mountains, Owens
Valley, Grays Meadow
and Onion Valley Road

Movie Flat (Movie Flats)
Movie Road and
Whitney Portal Road
Mount Williamson
and Movie Road
(Alabama Hills)

Horseshoe Meadow
Horseshoe Meadows Road
to Horseshoe Meadow
Cottonwood Lakes
Cottonwood Pass

Owens Lake
Southern peaks of Sierra Nevada Mountains
and Owens Lake from Cerro Gordo Road
Olancha Peak
and Owens Lake

Sage Flat
Olancha Peak and
Highway 395 from near
Sage Flats Road junction
Olancha Peak from Sage
Flat (Sage Flats Road)
Olancha Pass Trailhead
at Sage Flat

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Movie Flat
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