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Tioga Pass
Bookmark collection of resources regarding Tioga Pass, a pass/gap located on the boundary of Yosemite National Park and Inyo National Forest (Tuolumne and Mono Counties, California, USA).
Tioga Pass is:
- a mountain gap/pass in Sierra Nevada Mountains (The Sierra, Sierra Nevada, High Sierra), on the crest/divide (Sierra Crest, Sierra Nevada Divide),
- a road/highway pass on Tioga Pass Road and Highway 120 (California State Route 120),
- the highest road summit (9,945 feet, 3,031 meters) in California,
- the east end of Tioga Road with Tioga Pass Entrance Station of Yosemite National Park,
- the east end of Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat Road (National Scenic Byway),
- the west end of Lee Vining Canyon Scenic Byway,
- a tralhead for Gaylor Lakes Trail and Mount Dana Trail,
and is a scenic viewpoint/roadstop for viewing Mount Dana, Mammoth Peak and Tioga Peak.
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Mount Dana
from Tioga Pass
Mammoth Peak
from Tioga Pass
See also
Tioga Pass Entrance (East Entrance),
Yosemite National Park
Tioga Pass Entrance
Station and Tioga Road,
Yosemite National Park
Tioga Pass Entrance
and Tioga Pass Road
(CA State Route 120)
State Highway 120
 (California State Route 120, CA 120)
Tioga Pass Road
Tioga Road
Gaylor Peak, Tioga Peak,
Tioga Pass and Tioga Road
Mammoth Peak and Tioga
Pass from Tioga Pass Road
(CA State Route 120)
Scenic Byways
Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat Road
 (National Scenic Byway)
Lee Vining Canyon Scenic Byway
Lembert Dome and
Tuolumne Meadows Bridge
from Tioga Road
Peak 11,403 (Dana Crest), Lee Vining Canyon
and Tioga Pass Road
Gaylor Lakes Trail
Mount Dana Trail
 (Mount Dana Summit Trail)
Gaylor Lakes Trailhead
at Tioga Pass
Mount Dana
from Tioga Pass
Parks/Reserves (Nearby)
Yosemite National Park
 (Yosemite Wilderness)
Inyo National Forest
Hoover Wilderness
Ansel Adams Wilderness
Hall Natural Area
 (Harvey Monroe Hall
  Research Natural Area)
Mount Gibbs, Kuna Crest
and Upper Dana Meadow
from Gaylor Lakes Trail
North Peak and
20 Lakes Basin Trail
into Hoover Wilderness
White Mountain and southeast
peak of Mount Conness (Hall Natural
Area) from Saddlebag Lake Road
Peaks Seen from Pass
Peak 11,409
Mount Dana
Kuna Crest
Mammoth Peak
Tioga Peak
Peak 11,409 and Mt. Dana
summit from Tioga Pass
Kuna Cret and Mammoth Peak
from Tioga Pass
Tioga Peak
from Tioga Pass
Peaks on Sierra Crest to North
Gaylor Peak
Peak 11,887
Peak 12,002
Peak 11,660
White Mountain
Mount Conness
North Peak
Peak 11,887 and
Granite Lakes from
Gaylor Peak summit
White Mountain and
Lee Vining Creek
Mount Conness and
White Mountain from
Cathedral Peak summit
Peaks on Sierra Crest to South
Mount Dana
Mount Gibbs
Mount Dana, Mount Gibbs and Mammoth Peak
from Lembert Dome summit
Mono Pass and Mt. Gibbs
from Highway 395
Dana Fork
 (Dana Fork Tuolumne River)
Tuolumne River
Lee Vining Creek
Mono Lake
 (Mono Basin)
Gaylor Peak, Tioga Peak,
Tioga Pass and
Upper Dana Meadow
Mammoth Peak
and Dana Fork
Mount Dana and
Lee Vining Creek
Lakes/Reservoirs Nearby
Tenaya Lake
Tioga Lake
Ellery Lake
Saddlebag Lake
Mammoth Peak, Tioga Pass
and Tioga Lake
White Mountain
and Ellery Lake
Saddlebag Lake and
Saddlebag Lake Resort
High Lakes Around Pass
Gaylor Lakes
Upper Gaylor Lake
 (Gaylor Lakes)
Granite Lakes
Skelton Lakes
Lake 11,384
Dana Lake
Shell Lake
Fantail Lake
Spuller Lake
Finger Lake
Big Horn Lake
Maul Lake
Green Treble Lake
Alpine Lake
Gardisky Lake
Greenstone Lake
Conness Lakes
Mammoth Peak, Cathedral
Range and Middle Gaylor
Lake (Gaylor Lakes)
Southeast peak of
Mount Conness and
Green Treble Lake
Mount Conness, North Peak
and Greenstone Lake
from 20 Lakes Basin Trail
Trailheads Nearby
Mono Pass Trail
Gaylor Lakes Trail
Glacier Canyon Trail
Nunatak-Tioga Tarns Trail
Nunatak Nature Trail
 (Nunatak Vis Loop Trail)
Bennettville Trail
Gardisky Lake Trail
Saddlebag Lake Trail
 (Saddlebag Lake Loop Trail)
20 Lakes Basin Trail
 (Twenty Lakes Basin Trail,
  20 Lakes Basin Loop Trail)
Mono Pass Trailhead
and Tioga Road
Tioga Peak and
Nunatak Nature Trailhead
Gardisky Lake Trailhead
and Saddlebag Lake Rd
Campgrounds Nearby
Tuolumne Meadows
Pocupine Flat Campground
Tioga Lake Campground
 (Tioga Campground)
Junction Campground
 (Tioga Junction Campground)
Sawmill Campground
 (Sawmill Walk-In Campground)
Saddlebag Lake Campground
 (Saddlebag Campground)
Ellery Lake Campground
 (Ellery Campground)
Mount Dana from Tioga
Lake Campground entrance
Junction Campground Sawmill Campground
Lodges Nearby
Tuolumne Meadows Lodge
White Wolf Lodge
Tioga Pass Resort
Lee Vining (Town)
Tuolumne Meadows Lodge Mount Dana and
Tioga Pass Resort
Town of Lee Vining
and Highway 395 (north)
Towns/Villages Nearby
Tuolumne Meadows
Yosemite Valley
Lee Vining
June Lake
Tuolumne Meadows
Store and Grill
Town of Lee Vining
and Mono Lake from
Highway 395 (north)
Carson Peak and
town of June Lake
Tuolumne County, California
Mono County, California
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Tioga Pass
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