ITODA.COM フォト・ギャラリー
 (Scenic Byways of Yosemite)
Original photo collection of sceneries along Scenic Byways running in Yosemite National Park (Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera Counties, California, USA).

Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat Road (National Scenic Byway)
South Fork
Tuolumne River
from Tioga Road
Siesta Lake
from Tioga Road
Clouds Rest, Quarter Domes
and Half Dome
from Olmsted Point
Polly Dome and Tenaya
Lake from Tioga Road
Mt. Dana, Lembert Dome,
Mt. Gibbs and Mammoth Peak
from Tuolumne Meadows
Fairview Dome and
Pothole Dome from
Tuolumne Meadows
Mammoth Peak and
Dana Fork (Dana Meadows)
Gaylor Peak, Tioga Peak,
Tioga Pass, Tioga Road and
Upper Dana Meadow
Mammoth Peak
from Tioga Pass

Tioga Road & Big Oak Flat Road
Tioga Pass Entrance
Station and Tioga Road
Big Oak Flat Road and
Tioga Road at Crane Flat
Big Oak Flat Entrance
and Big Oak Flat Road

Beyond Tioga Pass - Lee Vining Canyon Scenic Byway
Peak 11,049
and Ellery Lake
Ellery Lake Falls
(head of Lee
Vining Canyon)
Peak 11,403 (Dana Crest), Lee Vining
Canyon and Highway 120
ヨセミテ (Yosemite)
山脈 (Ranges)
山・峰 (Peaks)
High Passes
サミット (Summits)
氷河 (Glaciers)
High Lakes
峡谷 (Canyons)
渓谷・盆地 (Valleys...)
Meadows & Flats
トレイル (Trails)
道路 (Roads)
ハイウェイ (Highways)
Scenic Byways
Tioga Road/
 Big Oak Flat Road
Vista Points
ビレッジ (Villages)

Sequoia & Kings Canyon


Northern Sierra
Southern Sierra

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