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 (Death Valley)
Original photo collection of sceneries along Death Valley, a valley (basin) located in Mojave Desert (Inyo County, California, USA).

Big Pine Road (Death Valley Road)
Death Valley and Big Pine
Road (Death Valley Road)
from Crankshaft Junction

Death Valley Wash
Big Pine Road (Death Valley
Road) crossing Death Valley
Wash near Crankshaft Junction

Scottys Castle Road (Scotty's Castle Road)
Dry Mountain and Death Valley
from Scottys Castle Road near
Ubehebe Crater Road junction

Scottys Castle Road (south)
and Death Valley from Grapevine

Mesquite Spring Campground (Mesquite Springs Campground)
Scottys Castle Road near
Mesquite Road (Mesquite Springs
Campground Road) junction
Mesquite Spring Campground (Mesquite Springs
Campground) along Death Valley Wash

Mesquite Flat
Panamint Range, Mesquite Flat and Scottys
Castle Road from below Kit Fox Hills

Old Stovepipe Wells (Historic Stovepipe Wells)
Panamint Range and Mesquite Flat
from Old Stovepipe Wells

Daylight Pass Road
Panamint Range and Mesquite Flat
from Daylight Pass Road

Hells Gate
Black Mountains, Death Valley and Panamint
Range (Telescope Peak) from Hells Gate
Death Valley, Beatty Cutoff
(Daylight Pass Cutoff)
and Daylight Pass Road

Highway 190 (California State Route 190)
Death Valley and Highway 190
from Scottys Castle Road

Death Valley Scenic Byway
Highway 190 (west) near
Scottys Castle Road junction

Devil's Corn Field (Devils Cornfield)
Devil's Corn Field
and Highway 190 (west)
Panamint Range and
Devil's Corn Field

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes (Mesquite Flat Dunes)
from Highway 190
Grapevine Mountains and
Mesquite Flat Sand
Dunes from Mesquite
Flat Sand Dunes Trailhead

Stovepipe Wells (Stovepipe Wells Village)
CA 190 west entering Stovepipe
Wells (Stovepipe Wells Village)
Grapevine Mountains and
Death Valley from
Stovepipe Wells Village
Grapevine Mountains
and Mesquite Flat
from Stovepipe Wells
Campground entrance

Salt Creek
Salt Creek Road (Salt
Creek Trailhead entrance)
from Highway 190
Salt Creek Trailhead Salt Creek and Salt
Creek Trail (Salt Creek
Interpretive Trail)

Cottonball Basin

Furnace Creek
Furnace Creek Ranch
from CA 190
CA 190 (west)
entering Furnace Creek

Badwater Road

Golden Canyon Trail (Golden Canyon Interpretive Trail)
Panamint Range, Death Valley and Golden Canyon
from Golden Canyon Trailend below Red Cathedral

West Side Road

Devil's Golf Course (Devils Golf Course)
Devil's Golf Course

Badwater Basin (Badwater Salt Flats)
Badwater Salt Flats (Badwater Basin)

Zabriskie Point
Panamint Range, Death Valley, Golden Canyon
and Manly Beacon from Zabriskie Point

Dante's View (Dantes View)
Panamint Range and Death Valley (Badwater Basin)
from Dante's View

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Death Valley
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Pleasant Valley
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Racetrack Valley
Saline Valley
Shadow Valley
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