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Trailheads of Eastern Sierra
Original photo collection of sceneries with, from and around Trailheads for hiking/backbacking Trails, located in Eastern Sierra, the eastern side of Sierra Nevada Mountains (California/Nevada, USA).

Leavitt Meadows Trailhead (Leavitt Trailhead)
Leavitt Meadows Trailhead
(Leavitt Trailhead)
off Sonora Pass Highway

Leavitt Lake Trailhead

Sonora Pass
Pacific Crest Trail (north)
at Sonora Pass
Pacific Crest Peak
(Peak 11,245) and
Pacific Crest Trail (south)

Mono Village (Twin Lakes)
Upper Twin Lake
and Mono Village
Barney Lake Trail
(Robinson Creek Trail)
into Hoover Wilderness
Twin Peaks and Horse Creek
(above Horse Creek Trail)

Tamarack Lake Trailhead (Twin Lakes)

Green Creek Trailhead (Green Creek Roadend)

Virginia Lakes Trailhead (Virginia Lakes)
Black Mountain
and Big Virginia Lake
(Big Valley Lake) from
Virginia Lakes Trailhead
Black Mountain and
Little Virginia Lake
(Little Valley)
Virginia Lakes Resort

Lakes Canyon Trailhead (Lundy Lake)
Lakes Canyon Trailhead
and Lundy Lake
Lakes Canyon Trailhead
and Lundy Lake
Lakes Canyon Trail
and Lundy Lake
from Lundy Lake Road

Lundy Canyon Trailhead (Lundy Lake)
Lundy Canyon Trailhead
above Lundy Lake
Lundy Canyon Trailhead
above Lundy Lake
Mill Creek (Lake Helen
outlet) and Lundy
Canyon Trail

Bennettville Trailhead
Bennettville Trailhead
near Tioga Junction

Gardisky Lake Trailhead
Gardisky Lake Trailhead
and Saddlebag Lake Rd

Saddlebag Lake Trailhead (Saddlebag Lake)
Vicinity map display at
Saddlebag Lake Trailhead
Saddlebag 104-039 Dam
and Saddlebag Lake near
Saddlebag Lake Trailhead
Shepherd Crest,
Excelsior Mountain
and Saddlebag Lake

Saddlebag Lake
Mount Conness and
North Peak from
Lundy Pass Trail
North Peak,
Greenstone Lake and
20 Lakes Basin Trail
North Peak, Shepherd Crest
and Greenstone Lake
from Conness Lakes Trail

Nunatak-Tioga Tarns Trailhead

Tioga Pass - Yosemite National Park
Tioga Pass Entrance,
Yosemite National Park and
Tioga Pass Road (Highway 120)
Peak 11,409 and Mount
Dana from Tioga Pass
Gaylor Lakes Trailhead
at Tioga Pass

South Tufa Trailhead (Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve)
South Tufa Trailhead
(Mono Lake Tufa State
Natural Reserve entrance)
Paoha Island, Mono Lake and
Mono Lake South Tufa from
State Reserve parking area

Rush Creek Trailhead (Silver Lake)
Carson Peak, Silver Lake
Campground and June
Lake Loop from
Rush Creek Trailhead
Carson Peak, Silver Lake Resort RV Park
and Rush Creek Trailhead

Fern Creek/Yost Lake Trailhead
Fern Creek/Yost Lake
Trailhead entrance
from June Lake Loop

Minaret Vista
Ritter Range
from Minaret Vista
Minarets, Mount Ritter and Banner Peak
from San Joaquin Ridge Trail

Panorama Dome Trailhead

Mammoth Pass Trailhead (Horseshoe Lake)
Mammoth Pass Trailhead
near Horseshoe Lake
Mammoth Pass Trail

Mammoth Crest Trailhead (Lake George)
Mammoth Crest
Trailhead (Crystal
Crag Trailhead)
near Lake George
Lake Mary, Lake George, Mammoth Crest
and Crystal Crag from Mammoth Crest Trail
Crystal Crag and
Crystal Lake
(Crystal Lake Trail)

T.J.-Barrett Lakes Trailhead (Lake George)
T.J.-Barrett Lakes Trailhead
(T.J. Lake Trailhead,
Barrett Lake Trailhead)
near Lake George
TJ/Barrett Lakes
Trailhead ('07)

Emerald Lake Trailhead (Cold Water Campground)
Emerald Lake Trailhead
in Cold Water Campground

Duck Pass Trailhead (Cold Water Campground)
Cold Water Campground
entrance from Lake Mary
Loop Road
Duck Pass Trailhead
in (above) Cold Water

Convict Creek Trailhead (Convict Lake)
Mount Morrison from Convict Creek Trailhead (Convict
Canyon Trailhead) near Convict Lake

McGee Pass Trailhead (McGee Creek Roadend)
Mt. Baldwin and McGee Pass Trailhead (McGee
Creek Trailhead) at McGee Creek Roadend
Mount Baldwin and
McGee Pass Trail

Hilton Creek Trailhead

Tamarack Lakes Trailhead (Rock Creek Lake Campground)
Tamarack Lakes Trailhead in
Rock Creek Lake Campground
Rock Creek Lake
from near Tamarack
Lakes Trailhead

Hilton Lakes Trailhead (Rock Creek Road)
Hilton Lakes Trailhead (Hilton Creek Trailhead)
from Rock Creek Road above Rock Creek Lake

Mosquito Flat (Mosquito Flat Trailhead)
Mosquito Flat Trailhead
(Rock Creek Roadend)
Mosquito Flat Backpacker
Campground and
Rock Creek
Rock Creek and Mack
Lake Trail from south
end of Campground

Little Lakes Valley Trailhead (Mono Pass Trailhead)
Little Lakes Valley Trailhead (Mono Pass Trailhead)
at Mosquito Flat

Pine Creek Pass Trailhead (Pine Creek Roadend)

Gable Lakes Trailhead

Lamarck Lakes Trailhead (North Lake Campground)
North Lake Road into
North Lake Campground
Lamarck Lakes Trailhead
(Piute Pass Trailhead)
in North Lake Campground

Piute Pass Trailhead (North Lake Campground)
Piute Pass
Mount Emerson
and Loch Leven
Piute Pass and Piute Lake

Sabrina Basin Trailhead (Sabrina Lake Trailhead)
Highway 168 and
North Lake Road (Sabrina
Basin Hiker Parking)
Sabrina Basin Trailhead
(Sabrina Lake Trailhead) from
Lake Sabrina Road (CA 203)

Tyee Lakes Trailhead (Tyee Trailhead)
Tyee Lakes Trailhead off South Lake Road

Bishop Pass Trailhead (South Lake-Bishop Pass Trailhead)
South Lake and Bishop Pass
Trailhead (South Lake-
Bishop Pass Trailhead)
Hurd Peak, Mt. Johnson,
Mt. Gilbert, Mt. Thompson
and South Lake
from Bishop Pass Trail

North Fork Big Pine Creek Trailhead (Big Pine Creek Trailhead)
Mt. Gayley(?), Mt. Alice(?)
and Glacier Lodge Road
Big Pine Creek Trailhead
(North Fork Big Pine
Creek Trailhead)

Big Pine Creek Trailhead (Big Pine Creek South Fork Trailhead)
Big Pine Creek Trailhead
(Big Pine Creek South
Fork Trailhead)
Footbridge over North
Fork Big Pine Creek

Birch Lake Trailhead (McMurry Meadows Road)

Taboose Pass Trailhead (Taboose Creek Road)

Sawmill Pass Trailhead (Division Creek Road)

Baxter Pass Trailhead (North Oak Creek Road)

Kearsarge Pass Trailhead (Onion Valley)
Onion Valley
(Onion Valley Roadend)
Kearsarge Pass

Robinson Lake Trailhead (Onion Valley Campground)
Robinson Lake Trail
sign at Kearsarge
Pass Trailhead
Independence Peak,
Robinson Lake Falls and
Onion Valley Campground

Shepherd Pass Trailhead (Foothill Road)

Lone Pine Campground
Mt. Whitney from Lone
Pine Campground entrance
off Whitney Portal Road
Lone Pine Campground,
trailhead for Whitney Portal
National Recreation Trail

Mount Whitney Trailhead (Whitney Portal)
Whitney Portal Road
into Whitney Portal
Recreation Area
Mount Whitney
Whitney Portal
Mt. Whitney Trail
to Mount Whitney

Meysan Lakes Trailhead (Whitney Portal)

Tuttle Creek Trailhead

Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead (Horseshoe Meadow)
Cottonwood Lakes
Trailhead at
Horseshoe Meadow
Trailhead Campground

Cottonwood Pass Trailhead (Horseshoe Meadow)
Cottonwood Pass
Trailhead at
Horseshoe Meadow
Trailhead Campground

Trail Pass Trailhead (Horseshoe Meadow)
Cottonwood Pass/
Trail Pass Hiker Trail
at Horseshoe Meadow

Mulkey Pass Trailhead (Horseshoe Meadow)

Olancha Pass Trailhead (Sage Flat)
Olancha Peak
from Sage Flat
Olancha Pass Trailhead at
Sage Flat (Olancha Pass-
Sage Flat Trailhead)
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