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 (Kearsarge Pass Trail)
Original photo collection of sceneries along Kearsarge Pass Trail, a hiking/backpacking trail from Onion Valley in Eastern Sierra up to Kearsarge Pass and into Kings Canyon National Park (Inyo and Fresno Counties, California, USA).

Onion Valley Road
Mount Keith and Mount Bradley
from Onion Valley Road
off Highway 395, Independence
Mount Bradley, University
Peak and Independence
Peak from Onion Valley Rd
Onion Valley Road
up to Onion Valley

Onion Valley
Onion Valley
(Onion Valley Roadend)
Kearsarge Pass
Independence Peak,
Robinson Lake Falls and
Onion Valley Campground

キアサージ・パス・トレイル (Kearsarge Pass Trail)
Kearsarge Pass
Kearsarge Pass Trail Onion Valley

Golden Trout Falls from Trail
Golden Trout Falls
from Kearsarge Pass Trail
Kearsarge Pass
5 miles ahead

Golden Trout Lakes Trail Junction
Golden Trout Lakes
Trail junction
Peak 3056m, University Peak and Kearsarge Pass
Trail from Golden Trout Lakes Trail junction

Golden Trout Lakes Trail
Golden Trout Lakes
Kearsarge Peak and
Golden Trout Falls
from Golden Trout
Lakes Trail
University Peak from
Golden Trout Lakes Trail

Gilbert Lake
Nameless Pyramid and Gilbert Lake
from Kearsarge Pass Trail
Gilbert Lake from
Kearsarge Pass Trail

Nameless Pyramid from Trail
Nameless Pyramid from Kearsarge Pass Trail

キアサージ・パス (キアサージ峠、Kearsarge Pass)
Kearsarge Pinnacles
and Kearsarge Lakes
(Kings Canyon Nat'l Park)
from Kearsarge Pass
Nameless Pyramid
from Kearsarge Pass

Kings Canyon National Park

John Muir Trail

キアサージ・パス・トレイル (Kearsarge Pass Trail) の写真 ON WEB
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