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Lassen Volcanic National Park (2012)
Album of photos from outdoor trip in and around Lassen Volcanic National Park, California.
[August 2012]
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Day 1 - Scenic Drive
[DSC04061.jpg] [DSC04063+.jpg] [DSC04067.jpg]
Raker Memorial Gateway, Lassen Volcanic National Park Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center Sulphur Works
[DSC04075.jpg] [DSC04084.jpg] [DSC04086.jpg]
Lassen Peak from CA 89 Lassen Peak and Lake Helen Lassen Peak Trail
[DSC04115+.jpg] [DSC04122.jpg] [DSC04127+.jpg]
Summit Lake from CA 89 Lake Helen from CA 89

Day 2 - Drive & Hike
[DSC04150.jpg] [DSC04156.jpg] [DSC04157.jpg]
Lassen Peak and Lake Helen Bumpass Hell
[DSC04162.jpg] [DSC04172.jpg] [DSC04173.jpg]
Bumpass Hell
[DSC04175.jpg] [DSC04180.jpg] [DSC04191.jpg]
Bumpass Hell Trail Forest fire area

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