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ジョシュア・ツリー国立公園 2016
 (Joshua Tree National Park 2016)
ジョシュア・ツリー国立公園 (Joshua Tree National Park) 4日間の旅の写真集。 [2016年11月]
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Day 1 - ブラック・ロック・キャニオン & コビントン・フラッツ (Black Rock Canyon & Covington Flats)
[IMG_4147++.jpg] [IMG_4149+.jpg] [IMG_4198+.jpg]
Black Rock Canyon Road entering Black Rock Canyon Campground Black Rock Canyon Ranger Station Black Rock Canyon Campground
[IMG_4377.jpg] [IMG_2534.jpg] [IMG_4189+.jpg]
High View Nature Trail
[IMG_4200+.jpg] [IMG_4203.jpg] [IMG_4207.jpg]
Covington Flat Road entering Covington Flats Area of Joshua Tree National Park Eureka Peak from Eureka Peak Roadend Eureka Peak summit
[IMG_4216+.jpg] [IMG_4212+.jpg] [IMG_4214++.jpg]
Lower Covington Flat Road at Covington Flats Crossover Road Lower Covington Flat Road entering Lower Covington Flat Lower Covington Flat Trail (Lower Covington Trail)

Day 2 - インディアン・コーブ (Indian Cove)
[IMG_4220+.jpg] [IMG_4223+.jpg] [IMG_4227.jpg]
Indian Cove Road entering Indian Cove Indian Cove Campground
[IMG_4240+.jpg] [IMG_4241+.jpg] [IMG_4242.jpg]
checking out 49 Palms Area Fortynine Palms Canyon Roadend / Fortynine Palms Canyon Trailhead
[IMG_4258.jpg] [IMG_4246.jpg] [IMG_4255.jpg]
Indian Cove Picnic Area Rattlesnake Canyon
[IMG_4259+.jpg] [IMG_4266+.jpg] [IMG_4270+.jpg]
Indian Cove Trail (Indian Cove Nature Trail)
[IMG_4276+.jpg] [IMG_4286+87.jpg]
Indian Cove Campground

Day 3 - フォーティーナイン・パームズ (Fortynine Palms)
[IMG_4300+.jpg] [IMG_4301+.jpg]
from Indian Cove Campground from west end of Indian Cove Campground
[IMG_4305.jpg] [IMG_4308.jpg] [IMG_4310.jpg]
Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail
[IMG_4314.jpg] [IMG_4316+.jpg] [IMG_4319+.jpg] [IMG_4323.jpg]
Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail
[IMG_4329.jpg] [IMG_4332.jpg] [IMG_4336.jpg] [IMG_4338.jpg]
Fortynine Palms Canyon Fortynine Palms Oasis

Day 4 - シーニック・ドライブ (Scenic Drives)
[IMG_4372.jpg] [IMG_4391+.jpg] [IMG_4382.jpg]
Pinto Basin Road at Pinto Wye Arch Rock Nature Trail Arch Rock
[IMG_4401+02.jpg] [IMG_4422+.jpg]
Cholla Cactus Garden (Cholla Garden Nature Trail) Split Rock from Split Rock Trail (Split Rock Picnic Area) off Park Boulevard
[IMG_4429.jpg] [IMG_4432+.jpg] [IMG_4433+.jpg]
Live Oak Picnic Area Skull Rock Trail (Skull Rock Nature Trail) Jumbo Rocks Campground
[IMG_4441+.jpg] [IMG_4442+.jpg] [IMG_4450.jpg]
Geology Tour Road Ryan Mountain Trail
[IMG_4454.jpg] [IMG_4459+60.jpg] [IMG_4455.jpg]
Keys View Road through Lost Hosrse Valley San Jacinto Mountains and Coachella Valley from Keys View
[IMG_4481+.jpg] [IMG_4489.jpg] [IMG_4495+.jpg]
Hidden Valley Nature Trail
[IMG_4522+.jpg] [IMG_4531+.jpg]
Barker Dam at Keys Ranch Road Queen Valley Road at O'Dell Road

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