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グランド・ティトン国立公園 / 第4日
グランド・ティトン国立公園 (Grand Teton National Park) へのアウトドア旅行 第4日の写真集。 [2017年8月]
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第3日 / To Yellowstone
[IMG_6380.jpg] [IMG_6382++.jpg] [IMG_3544++.jpg] [IMG_3546.jpg]
Colter Bay Marina Grand Teton over Colter Bay Jackson Lake Overlook South Entrance, Yellowstone National Park

前日 / 皆既日食 (ボイセン州立公園)
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Westshore of Boysen Reservoir Total Solar Eclipse

East Entrance, Grand Teton National Park [maps.google.com.jpg]
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Back to Grand Teton NP "Explore Teton Country" "Mapping Your Teton Adventure" Teton Range (Grand Teton)
084_2017-08-22.jpg [IMG_6810.jpg]
Moran Entrance Station

Chapel of Sacred Heart [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6811.jpg] [IMG_6812.jpg] [IMG_6813+.jpg] IMG_6814.jpg
Chapel of the Sacred Heart

Potholes Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6815+.jpg] [IMG_6816.jpg]
Teton Range from Potholes Turnout Grand Teton

Mount Moran Turnout (Mount Moran Scenic Turnout) [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6817+.jpg] [IMG_6818.jpg]
Teton Range from Mt. Moran Turnout "Mount Moran"
[IMG_6819.jpg] [IMG_6820+.jpg]
Mount Moran

Mountain View Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6821+.jpg] [IMG_6822.jpg] [IMG_6823.jpg]
Teton Range from Mountain View Turnout
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Grand Teton "Young, Restless and Still Rising"
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Cathedral Group Turnout (Cathedral Group Scenic Turnout) [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_3764+.jpg] [IMG_3764++.jpg] [IMG_3765++.jpg]
Teton Range from Cathedral Group Turnout
[IMG_3766_1+.jpg] [IMG_3766_2+.jpg] [IMG_3766_3+.jpg]
[IMG_3766_4+.jpg] [IMG_3766_5+.jpg]
[IMG_6827+.jpg] [IMG_6828+.jpg] [IMG_6829.jpg]
[IMG_6830.jpg] [IMG_6831.jpg] [IMG_6832.jpg]
"The Cathedral Group" "Teton Fault" Cathedral Group

String Lake [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_3768+.jpg] [IMG_3769.jpg]
String Lake

Jenny Lake Overlook [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_3770.jpg] [IMG_3773+.jpg] [IMG_3774.jpg]
Jenny Lake Overlook

Teton Glacier Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_3775+.jpg] [IMG_3775++.jpg] [IMG_3776+.jpg]
Teton Range (Grand Teton) from Teton Glacier Turnout
[IMG_6833.jpg] [IMG_6834+.jpg] [IMG_6835.jpg]
[IMG_6836.jpg] [IMG_6837.jpg] [IMG_6838.jpg] [IMG_6838+.jpg]
Teton Glacier

Windy Point Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6841+.jpg] [IMG_3777+.jpg]
Windy Point Turnout
[IMG_6842.jpg] [IMG_6842+.jpg]
[IMG_6843.jpg] [IMG_6844.jpg] [IMG_6845.jpg]
"Geologic Drama" "Foundations of a Community"

Donans [maps.google.com.jpg]
088_2017-08-22.jpg IMG_6867.jpg
Donans Grand Teton from Donans

Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center [nps.gov.png] [wikipedia.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6846.jpg] [IMG_6847+.jpg]
Craig Thomas Discovery &Visitor Center
[IMG_6848.jpg] [IMG_6849+.jpg]
[IMG_6851.jpg] [IMG_6852.jpg] [IMG_6853.jpg] [IMG_6850.jpg]
"Total Solar Eclipse" "Official Eclipse Viewing Areas"
[IMG_6854.jpg] [IMG_6855.jpg] [IMG_6856.jpg]
"Ice Age Artistry" "A Work in Progress" "Place / A landscape that lifts the imagination."
[IMG_6857.jpg] [IMG_6858.jpg] [IMG_6859.jpg]
"Wild Communities" "An Ongoing Process" "Preservation / We preserve these wild places so they will thrive for future generations."
[IMG_6860+.jpg] [IMG_6861.jpg] [IMG_6862+.jpg]
"Connecting to This Place" "Caring for Our Parks" "A Vision Fulfilled"
"From Conflict to Compromise"
[IMG_6863.jpg] [IMG_6864.jpg] [IMG_6865+.jpg]
"The Park's Human Stories" "Conservation in the Valley" "People in This Place"
"American Indians"
Grand Teton from Visitor Center Parking

Park Entrance Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6870.jpg] [IMG_6871.jpg] [IMG_6869.jpg]
Teton Range from Park Entrance Turnout "The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem"
IMG_6872+.jpg IMG_3780.jpg
Goodbye to Grand Teton & Yellowstone

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