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グランド・ティトン国立公園 / 第2日
グランド・ティトン国立公園 (Grand Teton National Park) へのアウトドア旅行 第2日の写真集。 [2017年8月]
[IMG_6268++.jpg] [IMG_6298++.jpg] [IMG_6336+.jpg]
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See also:   "ヒドゥン・フォールズ (Hidden Falls)" (ハイキングのみ)

第1日 / サンセット・ドライブ (Sunset Drive)
[IMG_6261++.jpg] [IMG_6263.jpg] [IMG_6265.jpg] [IMG_6266+.jpg]
Park Entrance Turnout Gros Ventre River from Albright View Turnout Grand Teton

Gros Ventre Campground, Grand Teton National Park [recreation.gov.gif] [jacksonholewy.net.png] [travelwyoming.com.png] [geonames.org.gif]
No luck on reservation

モルモン・ロウ (Mormon RowMormon Row Histric District) [nps.gov.png] [wikipedia.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_3498.jpg] [IMG_3498+.jpg] [IMG_3499++.jpg]
Moulton Ranch Cabins (Clark & Veda Moulton Homestead)
[IMG_6268++.jpg] [IMG_6269.jpg]
T.A. Moulton Barn (T.A. Moulton Homestead)
[IMG_3500+.jpg] [IMG_3500++.jpg] [IMG_3501++.jpg]
[IMG_6270++.jpg] [IMG_6271+.jpg]
[IMG_6272+.jpg] [IMG_3502.jpg] [IMG_3502+.jpg]
[IMG_6274+.jpg] [IMG_6274++.jpg]
T.A. Moulton Homestead
[IMG_6273+.jpg] [IMG_6275++.jpg]
Andy Chambers Homestead
[IMG_6276++.jpg] [IMG_6277.jpg]
Mormon Row "Mormon Row Historic District /
A Once Vibrant Community"
[IMG_6278+.jpg] [IMG_6279.jpg] [IMG_6279+.jpg]
John Moulton Homestead Pink House
[IMG_3505+.jpg] [IMG_6280+.jpg]
Bunkhouse and Pink House

Colter Bay Village [wikipedia.org.gif] [jacksonholewy.net.png] [geonames.org.gif]
[005_2017-08-17.jpg] [IMG_6281.jpg] [IMG_3506+.jpg]
Colter Bay Cabin Colter Bay Village

Jackson Lake Lodge [nps.gov.png] [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_6282.jpg] [IMG_6283.jpg] [IMG_6284+.jpg]
Teton Range from Explorers Room, Jackson Lake Lodge
[IMG_6286.jpg] [IMG_6287.jpg] [IMG_6288+.jpg]
Teton Range from Jackson Lake Lodge backyard Grand Teton Mount Moran
[IMG_6285.jpg] [IMG_3507++.jpg]
Teton Range from Jackson Lake Lodge backyard

Willow Flats Overlook [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_3508.jpg] [IMG_3509+.jpg] [IMG_3509+.jpg]
Teton Range from Willow Flats Overlook
[IMG_6289++.jpg] [IMG_6290.jpg] [IMG_6291+.jpg]
"Young, Restless, and Still Rising" Mount Moran

Oxbow Bend Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6292++.jpg] [IMG_6293.jpg] [IMG_6294.jpg]
Mount Moran (Teton Range) and Snake River from Oxbow Bend Turnout

Jackson Lake Dam [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_6295.jpg] [IMG_6296.jpg] [IMG_6297.jpg]
from Jackson Lake Dam Picnic Area Jackson Lake Dam Snake River
[IMG_6298++.jpg] [IMG_6299.jpg] [IMG_6300.jpg]
Mount Moran (Teton Range) and Jackson Lake

Signal Mountain Summit [wikipedia.org.gif] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_3510.jpg] [IMG_3511+.jpg] [IMG_6303+.jpg]
Signal Mountain Summit Snake River
[IMG_6301++.jpg] [IMG_6302.jpg] [IMG_3512++.jpg]
Grand Teton from Signal Mountain Summit

Jackson Point Overlook [lonelyplanet.com.png] [trails.com.jpg] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_6304+.jpg] [IMG_6305+.jpg] [009_2017-08-17+.jpg]
from Jackson Point Overlook Teton Range and Jackson Lake
[IMG_3514+.jpg] [IMG_3514++.jpg] [IMG_3515+.jpg]
Teton Range (Mount Moran) and Jackson Lake
[IMG_6306+.jpg] [IMG_6307.jpg]
Mount Moran
[IMG_6308+.jpg] [IMG_6309.jpg] [IMG_6310.jpg]
Mount Moran "Valley View"

サウス・ジェニー・レイク (South Jenny Lake) [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6311.jpg] [IMG_6312+.jpg] [011_2017-08-17.jpg]
Jenny Lake Shuttle Boat

ヒドゥン・フォールズ (Hidden Falls) [wikipedia.org.gif] [tetonhikingtrails.com.png] [geonames.org.gif]
[IMG_3516++.jpg] [IMG_6315+.jpg] [IMG_6317.jpg]
Grand Teton from Shuttle Boat
[IMG_6319.jpg] [IMG_6320.jpg] [IMG_6322+.jpg] [IMG_6323.jpg]
Cascade Creek Hidden Falls Trail
[IMG_6325+.jpg] [IMG_3521+.jpg] [IMG_6326+.jpg] [IMG_6328.jpg] [IMG_6330+.jpg] [IMG_6331+.jpg]
Hidden Falls
[IMG_6334+.jpg] [IMG_3528.jpg] [IMG_6335.jpg] [IMG_3531++.jpg]
Lower Inspiration Point Trail Jenny Lake
[IMG_3532.jpg] [IMG_6336+.jpg] [IMG_3534.jpg]
Cascade Canyon
[IMG_6339.jpg] [IMG_6340+.jpg] [IMG_6342+.jpg]
Hidden Falls Trail West Shore Boat Dock
[IMG_6344.jpg] [IMG_6346.jpg] [IMG_6347.jpg]
from Jenny Lake Shuttle Boat

サウス・ジェニー・レイク (South Jenny Lake) [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6350.jpg] [IMG_6351.jpg] [IMG_6352+.jpg] [IMG_6353+.jpg] [IMG_6354+.jpg]
Cottonwood Creek
[IMG_6355+.jpg] [IMG_6356.jpg] [IMG_3536.jpg] [IMG_3537.jpg]
Sundown behind Grand Teton
[IMG_6357.jpg] [IMG_6358.jpg] [IMG_6359+.jpg] [IMG_3538+.jpg] [IMG_3538++.jpg]
Grand Teton and Cottonwood Creek
[IMG_6361.jpg] [IMG_6362.jpg] [IMG_3541+.jpg] [IMG_6363.jpg]
South Jenny Lake Parking Area

Cascade Canyon Turnout [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6365+.jpg] [IMG_6366.jpg]
from Cascade Canyon Turnout "Cascade Canyon"
[IMG_6367++.jpg] [IMG_6368++.jpg]

Cathedral Group Turnout (Cathedral Group Scenic Turnout) [geonames.org.gif] [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6369.jpg] [IMG_6370.jpg]
Grand Teton from Cathedral Group Turnout

Jenny Lake Overlook [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6371.jpg] [IMG_6372+.jpg] [IMG_6373+.jpg]
from Jenny Lake Overlook
[IMG_6374+.jpg] [IMG_6375.jpg]

Leeks Marina [maps.google.com.jpg]
[IMG_6376.jpg] [IMG_6377++.jpg] [IMG_6378+.jpg]
Leeks Pizzeria Leeks Marina

Colter Bay Village [wikipedia.org.gif] [jacksonholewy.net.png] [geonames.org.gif]
Colter Bay Cabin

第3日 / To Yellowstone
[IMG_6380.jpg] [IMG_6382++.jpg] [IMG_3544++.jpg] [IMG_3546.jpg]
Colter Bay Marina Grand Teton over Colter Bay Jackson Lake Overlook South Entrance, Yellowstone National Park

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