[albums] フォトアルバム / コロラド高原 / グランド・サークル (2020)
(Glen Canyon Nationl Recreation Area)
アリゾナ州のグレン・キャニオン・ナショナル・レクリエーション・エリア (Glen Canyon Nationl Recreation Area) の写真集。 [2020年10月11,12日]
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Earlier - グランド・キャニオン・ナショナル・パーク
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from Transept Trail from Cape Royal from Point Imperial

ナバホ・ブリッジ (Navajo Bridge)
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Historic Navajo Bridge off
US 89A
Five Mile Point and Cathedral Rock New Navajo Bridge (US 89A)
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Colorado River / Marble Canyon
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Cathedral Rock

グレン・キャニオン・ダム (Glen Canyon Dam)
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Geln Canyon Dam from US 89 US 89 north

Carl Hayden Visitor Center
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Geln Canyon Bridge (US 89) from Visitor Center parking
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Lake Powell Glen Canyon Dam

Wahweap Overlook

グレン・キャニオン・ダム・オーバールック (Glen Canyon Dam Overlook)
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Trail to Overlook
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Glen Canyon Dam and Colorado River
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Colorado River / Glen Canyon
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overlooking Colorado River and Glen Canyon Dam
[IMG_2351_1.jpg] [IMG_2351_3.jpg] [IMG_2351_5.jpg] [IMG_2351_7.jpg] [IMG_2351_9.jpg]
overlooking Colorado River and Glen Canyon Dam

Horseshoe Bend
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from Horseshoe Bend Trail

Later - キャニオンランズ・ナショナル・パーク (The Needles)
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Squaw Flat from Needles Campground