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クレーター・レイク国立公園 (2008)
Album of photos from a 3-day driving trip to Crater Lake National Park and around Three Sisters in Oregon (September 2008).

Day 1 - Crater Lake & Three Sisters
Llao Rock and Crater Lake
from Crater Lake Lodge
Crater Lake and Wizard Island
from Watchman Overlook
Three Sisters
from U.S. Route 20
North Sister and Middle
Sister from McKenzie Pass
Oregon Route 242

Day 2 - Cascade Lakes & Crater Lake
South Sister and Elk Lake Llao Rock, Mount Scott and Crater Lake
from Sinnott Memorial Overlook

Day 3 - Mount Shasta
Crater Lake Lodge Mount Shasta from
U.S. Route 97
Mount Shasta from
Mount Shasta Trailhead
イエローストーン &
Utah's National Parks
バンフ & ジャスパー
Crater Lake N.P. &
 Sawtooth N.R.A.
デス・バレー ('06)
Lava Beds N.M.
Utah's Nat'l Parks ('06)
セコイア &
デス・バレー ('08)
クレーター・レイク ('08)
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
ジョシュア・ツリー ('08)
ヨセミテ ('09)
Grand Canyon,
 Glen Canyon &
 Capitol Reef
Canyonlands, Arches
 & Grand Canyon
デス・バレー ('09)

Yosemite/Eastern Sierra

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