[albums] Photo Albums / Colorado Plateau / Grand Circle (2020)
Canyonlands National Park
Album of photos from visiting Canyonlands National Park in Utah. [Oct. 12 & 13, 2020]
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Previous Day - Grand Canyon National Park
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from Transept Trail from Cape Royal from Point Imperial

The Needles
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Squaw Flat (Needles) Campground Squaw Flat "Squaw Flat Group Site"
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Elephant Hill Road Needles Campground
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Big Spring Canyon Overlook
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Big Spring Canyon
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The Needles leaving Needles District

Island In The Sky
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entering Island In The Sky Visitor Center Shafer Trail viewed
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from Green River Overlook
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from Grand View Point
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at Candlestick Tower Overlook from Shafer Canyon Overlook

Later - Arches National Park (Delicate Arch)
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Delicate Arch Trail Delicate Arch from Twisted Doughnut Arch