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Trail Passes of Sierra Nevada
List of major mountain Passes and Gaps, accessible hiking/walking Trails, of Sierra Nevada Mountains (Sierra Nevada Range) and subranges (California and Nevada, USA).
# Pass | Elevation Trail
(ft) (m)
1 Armstrong Pass E Armstrong Pass Trail
2 Rockbound Pass W Rockbound Pass Trail
3 Wolf Creek Pass Pacific Crest Trail
4 Saint Marys Pass W Saint Marys Pass Trail
5 Leavitt Pass Leavitt Lake Trail
 (Leavitt Lake Road)
6 Brown Bear Pass W Emigrant Pass Trail
7 Emigrant Pass
8 Bond Pass W Y Bond Pass Trail
9 Dorothy Lake Pass Y Dorothy Lake Trail
10 Buckeye Pass Y 9,572 2,917 Buckeye Pass Trail
11 Peeler Lake Y 9,489 2,892 Peeler Lake Trail
12 Rock Island Pass Y Rock Island Pass Trail
13 Mule Pass Y Burro Pass Trail
14 Burro Pass W Y Burro Pass Trail
15 Virginia Pass Y 10,480+ Virginia Pass Trail
16 Summit Lake (E) Y 10,183 3,104 Summit Lake Trail
17 Lundy Pass E Lundy Pass Trail
18 Mono Pass Y 10,604 3,232 Mono Pass Trail
19 Parker Pass Y Parker Pass Trail
20 Koip Peak Pass E
21 Gem Pass E Gem Pass Trail
22 Donohue Pass Y John Muir Trail
23 Tuolumne Pass W Y 9,992 3,046 Evelyn Lake Trail
Rafferty Creek Trail
24 Cathedral Pass W Y John Muir Trail
25 Red Peak Pass W Y Red Peak Pass Trail
26 Island Pass John Muir Trail
27 Agnew Pass Agnew Pass Trail
28 Mammoth Pass Mammoth Pass Trail
29 Mammoth Crest Pass Deer Lakes Trail
30 Duck Pass 3,291 Duck Pass Trail
31 McGee Pass 11,900 McGee Pass Trail
32 Silver Pass W John Muir Trail
33 Goodale Pass W 10,997 3,352 Goodale Pass Trail
34 Mono Pass 12,000 Mono Pass Trail
35 Morgan Pass E Morgan Pass Trail
36 Italy Pass 12,230 Italy Pass Trail
37 Pine Creek Pass 11,000 Pine Creek Pass Trail
38 Piute Pass 11,423 3,482 Piute Pass Trail
39 Hell for Sure Pass W K 11,297 3,443 Hell for Sure Pass Trail
40 Muir Pass W K 11,955 3,644 John Muir Trail
41 Bishop Pass K 11,972 3,649 Bishop Pass Trail
42 Mather Pass W K 12,100 3,688 John Muir Trail
43 Granite Pass W K 10,673 3,253 Granite Pass Trail
44 Kennedy Pass W K 10,900 3,322 Kennedy Pass Trail
45 Taboose Pass K 11,400 3,475 Taboose Pass Trail
46 Pinchot Pass W K 12,050 3,673 John Muir Trail
47 Sawmill Pass K 11,347 3,459 Sawmill Pass Trail
48 Baxter Pass K 12,051 3,673 Baxter Pass Trail
49 Glen Pass W K 11,978 3,651 John Muir Trail
50 Kearsarge Pass K 11,823 3,604 Kearsarge Pass Trail
51 Forester Pass W K
13,160 4,011 John Muir Trail
52 Colby Pass W K
12,000 3,658 Colby Pass Trail
53 Elizabeth Pass W K John Muir Trail
54 Kaweah Gap W S 10,700 3,261 High Sierra Trail
55 Black Rock Pass W S 11,600 3,536 Black Rock Pass Trail
56 Timber Gap W S Timber Gap Trail
57 Sawtooth Pass W S 11,700 3,566 Sawtooth Pass Trail
58 Franklin Pass W S 11,800 3,597 Franklin Pass Trail
59 Farewell Gap W S 10,587 3,227 Farewell Gap Trail
60 Shotgun Pass W S Shotgun Pass Trail
61 Coyote Pass W S 10,160 3,097 Coyote Pass Trail
62 Shepherd Pass S 12,018 3,663 Shepherd Pass Trail
63 Trail Crest S 13,680 4,170 Mount Whitney Trail
64 New Army Pass S 11,475 3,498 New Army Pass Trail
65 Siberian Pass W S 10,950 3,338 Siberian Pass Trail
66 Cottonwood Pass 11,200 3,414 Cottonwood Pass Trail
Pacific Crest Trail
67 Trail Pass Trail Pass Trail
68 Mulkey Pass Mulkey Pass Trail
Pacific Crest Trail
69 Olancha Pass Olancha Pass Trail
70 Haiwee Pass Haiwee Pass Trail
Pass names on topo maps.
Pass names Not on topo maps.
E Passes located at East of Sierra Crest.
W Passes located at West of Sierra Crest.
Y Passes located in Yosemite National Park.
K Passes located in Kings Canyon National Park.
S Passes located in Sequoia National Park.
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