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北アメリカ大陸の南西部 (アメリカ合衆国カリフォルニア州およびネバダ州) をほぼ南北に連なる、シエラネバダ山脈 (Sierra Nevada Mountainsシエラ・ネバダザ・シエラ) とその支脈の山中・山麓で楽しんだアウトドア&アドベンチャーの記録 〜フォト・アルバムのコレクション。

Golden Trout Lakes Trail, Mono Lake & Fairview Dome (July 2010)
Mount Williamson from
Manzanar Nat'l Historic Site
Kearsarge Peak and
Golden Trout Falls
from Golden Trout
Lakes Trail
University Peak Twin Falls and
Twin Lakes
(Mammoth Lakes)
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve
(Mono Lake South Tufa)
South slope of
Fairview Dome
Cathedral Peak
from Fairview Dome

Sentinel Dome, Devils Postpile & 20 Lakes Basin (July 2010)
Sentinel Dome from
Sentinel Dome Trail
Devils Postpile Rainbow Falls
North Peak
and Helen Lake
North Peak and
Steelhead Lake
Quarter Domes and
Half Dome from Olmsted
Point Scenic Overlook

Ebetts Pass & Carson Pass
Ebetts Pass Highway 4 and 89 Carson Pass

Walker Pass & Kern Canyon
Walker Pass Camground Lake Isabella Johnsondale Bridge

Sequoia & Kings Canyon ('08)
Great Western Divide from Moro
Rock, Sequoia National Park
General Grant Grove, Kings
Canyon National Park
Kings Canyon and Highway
180 from Junction View
(Giant Sequoia N.M.)

Upper Boy Scout Lake
Lower Boy Scout Lake Day Needle, Keeler Needle
and Mount Whitney
Mount Russell and
Upper Boy Scout Lake

Sonora Pass & Twin Lakes
Sonora Pass Sonora Peak Twin Lakes

Mammoth Mountain
Mammoth Peak
and Dana Fork
Ritter Range from
Mammoth Mountain summit
Mammoth Lakes and
Mammoth Crest from
Mammoth Mountain summit

Kearsarge Pass
Nameless Pyramid and
Gilbert Lake from
Kearsarge Pass Trail
Nameless Pyramid
from Kearsarge Pass
Kearsarge Pinnacles
and Kearsarge Lakes
(Kings Canyon Nat'l Park)
from Kearsarge Pass

Mono Pass
Mono Pass Trail junction
with Morgan Pass Trail
Bear Creek Spire
and Ruby Lake from
Mono Pass Trail
Mono Pass

Gaylor Peak
Mount Dana from
Gaylor Peak summit
Peak 11,887 and
Granite Lakes from
Gaylor Peak summit
Gaylor Peak

Big Pine Lakes

Matterhorn Peak
Sawtooth Ridge
and Matterhotn Peak
from Mule Pass
Matterhorn Peak
from Burro Pass
Sawtooth Ridge from
Matterhorn Peak summit

Mount Conness
Mount Conness from
Young Lakes Trail
Mount Conness summit Shepherd Crest and
North Peak from
Mount Conness summit

フォト・アルバム集: ヨセミテ国立公園 (Yosemite National Park)
Tenaya Canyon and
Half Dome summit
Half Dome summit
and Clouds Rest
Cathedral Peak and
Upper Cathedral Lake
North Dome from
North Dome Trail
Cathedral Peak from
Lembert Dome summit
Peak 8,886 near Glen Aulin

フォト・アルバム集: イースタン・シエラ (Eastern Sierra)
Crystal Crag, Mammoth Crest
and Crystal Lake
Lone Pine Peak and Mount
Whitney from Alabama Hills
Mount Johnson and
Lowest Treasure Lake
Piute Pass and Piute Lake Mount Conness and
Green Treble Lake
Mount Langley from
Cottonwood Lakes Trail

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フォト・アルバム集 〜 ヨセミテ国立公園 (Yosemite National Park)
フォト・アルバム集 〜 イースタン・シエラ (Eastern Sierra)
フォト・ギャラリー 〜 シエラネバダ山脈 (Sierra Nevada Mountains)
Mount Conness
Matterhorn Peak
Big Pine Lakes
Gaylor Peak
Mono Pass
Kearsarge Pass
Mammoth Mountain
Sonora Pass &
 Twin Lakes
Upper Boy Scout Lake
Sequoia &
 Kings Canyon ('08)
Walker Pass &
 Kern Canyon
Ebbetts Pass &
 Carson Pass
Sentinel Dome,
 Devils Postpile &
 20 Lakes Basin
Golden Trout Lakes
 Trail, Mono Lake &
 Fairview Dome


Northern Sierra
Southern Sierra

Rocky Mountains
Sonoran Desert

Sequoia & Kings Canyon

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