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Creeks & Lakes of Eastern Sierra
Bookmark collections of resources regarding Lakes (Natural Lakes and Reservoirs) located in Eastern Sierra, the eastern side of Sierra Nevada Mountains (California/Nevada, USA).
Robinson Creek
Bridgeport Reservoir
 (Bridgeport Lake)
Twin Lakes
Barney Lake
Peeler Lake
Crown Lake
Snow Lake
Barney Lake Peeler Lake Snow Lake
Green Creek
West Lake
Green Lake
East Lake
Summit Lake
Virginia Creek
Virginia Lakes
Trumbull Lake
Little Valley
 (Little Virginia Lake)
Big Valley Lake
 (Big Virginia Lake)
Virginia Lakes
Red Lake
Blue Lake
Cooney Lake
Frog Lakes
Moat Lake
Big Virginia Lake
(Big Valley Lake)
Little Virginia Lake
(Little Valley)
Mill Creek
Mono Lake
Lundy Lake
Lake Helen
Shamrock Lake
Steelhead Lake
Cascade Lake
Lundy Lake Steelhead Lake Cascade Lake
Lee Vining Creek
Mono Lake
Ellery Lake
Saddlebag Lake
Tioga Lake
Greenstone Lake
Conness Lakes
Alpine Lake
Green Treble Lake
Dana Lake
Ellery Lake Tioga Lake Greenstone Lake
Rush Creek
Mono Lake
Grant Lake
Silver Lake
Agnew Lake
Gem Lake
Waugh Lake
Grant Lake Silver Lake
Reversed Creek
Gull Lake
June Lake
Fern Lake
Yost Lake
Gull Lake June Lake
Mammoth Creek
Mammoth Lakes
Twin Lakes
Lake Mamie
Horseshoe Lake
Lake Mary
Lake George
Mammoth Lakes
McCloud Lake
 (McLeod Lake)
Crystal Lake
Lake Barrett
T.J. Lake
 (T J Lake)
Horseshoe Lake Lake Mary
and Lake George
Crystal Lake
Convict Creek
Convict Lake
Lake Genevieve
Lake Dorothy
Convict Lake
Rock Creek
Rock Creek Lake
Mack Lake
Marsh Lake
Heart Lake
Ruby Lake
Box Lake
Long Lake
Rock Creek Lake Ruby Lake Little Lakes Valley
Bishop Creek
North Lake
Lake Sabrina
South Lake
Loch Leven
Piute Lake
Blue Lake
Treasure Lakes
Long Lake
Chocolate Lakes
Ruwau Lake
South Lake Piute Lake Lowest Treasure Lake
(Treasure Lakes)
Big Pine Creek
Big Pine Lakes
First Lake
Second Lake
Third Lake
Fourth Lake
Fifth Lake
Sixth Lake
Seventh Lake
Brainerd Lake
Finger Lake
First Lake
(Big Pine Lakes)
Independence Creek
Little Pothole Lake
Gilbert Lake
Flower Lake
Heart Lake
Big Pothole Lake
Robinson Lake
Gilbert Lake
Lone Pine Creek
Lower Boy Scout Lake
Upper Boy Scout Lake
Iceberg Lake
Lone Pine Lake
Consultation Lake
Meysan Lake
Lower Boy Scout Lake Upper Boy Scout Lake
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